Katie's Story

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A single mum to six year old Ella, Katie Roo, 32, from Leeds, had struggled to find work that fit around her daughter's school hours:

"It's been extremely difficult", said Katie. "I'd been going to interviews, and nothing worked out too well."

After being referred to the ESF Work Routes programme by the Job Centre, Katie was assigned a personal Employment Adviser - Kelly - who supported her with every aspect of her job search:

"I was really excited the Jobcentre put me forward to come here. I didn't expect Work Routes to be as helpful as it has."

said Katie, who is due to start her new job as a care assistant next week:

"I suffer a little bit from anxiety, and I am dyslexic, so I sometimes need help with certain things. Kelly has been really supportive: helping me put things down properly in my CV, filling in lots of forms - things that I might sometimes put off a little bit; she really pushes me in the right direction. I'm extremely proud that I came."

Katie's new employer is Care and Share Associates (CASA) - an organisation providing in-home health and social care.

"I've not properly started yet as I'm going for a course next week to prepare me - it's about food handling and health and safety - basically they are upskilling me with all the social care elements before I start."

Katie is looking forward to the positive changes that her new job will have for her and Ella:

"I'm a little bit nervous because I haven't been to work in such a long time, so it's all new to me. But I love helping people, so I'm sure it will be fine!

"I'm just really pleased, and I'm going to try my best to make this work - it's very flexible hours so should be able to fit around Ella.

"This job will give me and my daughter more freedom to be able to do nice things together, rather than struggling with benefits."