Bluebird's story

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Bluebird is a national care provider, working with customers and their families who require social care in their own homes. Each year, Bluebird make over 4.5 million visits - 12,500 a day to over 6,300 customers.

Bluebird in Barnet employ over 50 members of staff but required rapid and appropriate recruitment support to help them expand their team and meet their customers' needs.

They approached Reed in Partnership to use our recruitment agency and began working with one of our dedicated local Recruitment Managers.

Our Recruitment Manager met with the management team and identified the problems they were having finding appropriate candidates. They had spent time and money interviewing inappropriate candidates, such as those lacking skills, flexibility and commitment.

To address this, our Recruitment Manager invited Bluebird into our local Work Programme branch to present to a group of our candidates interested in working in the care industry. This allowed them to describe and answer questions about the roles and their requirements en masse, ensuring only candidates with a passion and aptitude for care work applied for the roles.

We also arranged special training, using our Routes2Success course, to increase interest in the vacancies and help our candidates hone skills relevant to the Bluebird vacancies.

Our Recruitment Manager took responsibility for many aspects of the recruitment process, including screening candidates, scheduling interviews, dealing with paperwork - such as police checks and references - and arranging training to fill skills gaps, where required.

Using our service, Bluebird have been able to recruit 19 members of staff to date - with our proven process ensuring they have been able to immediately make meaningful contributions to the service Bluebird provides.

Larry Berkowitz, manager at the Barnet branch said:

"I cannot praise and thank Lillian and Reed in Partnership enough. They took a lot of care and effort matching candidates' abilities, personalities and skills to meet my needs and requirements. In previous years it was hard recruiting however, with Lillian's support and help, this has become a thing of the past. Reed in Partnership has been extremely efficient and responsive and offered support when I have needed it."