Maid4Cleanings' story


Great employees mean great business. We work with everyone, from small local enterprises to large multinational organisations and match them with the right staff, enabling their businesses to blossom. We've been doing for this years now and, because we use Government funding, employers haven't paid a penny for our recruitment services.

Maid4Cleanings are one of the companies to have used our services to help upsize their business. They are a professional cleaning service based in East London, launched with the help of BBC The Apprentice star Tim Campbell. They contacted us to help increase their workforce after winning a new contract.

To fully understand Maid4Cleanings' needs, our recruitment manager, Sunny, met with them to discuss the best way to recruit effective new staff quickly. From the meeting, Sunny learnt the specific criteria candidates had to match and then devised a recruitment plan. The meeting revealed that it was imperative for the candidates to be experienced, reliable, able to use their own initiative and available to work a range of different shifts.

We provided bespoke training, in-depth interviews and questionnaires for our candidates to match them to Maid4Cleaning's criteria and paid for DBS criminal record checks to be carried out. This ensured their competency and saved Maid4Cleaning time and money.

We put forward 20 candidates for eight vacancies, seven of which were employed.

Yvonne Dzikunu at Maid4Cleanings said:

"I have found Reed in Partnership to be very helpful indeed. They have helped our business to grow by providing us with individuals who are hardworking & willing to go the extra mile."

It's for this reason Maid4Cleanings continue to provide us with details of vacancies so we can continue to support their growth.