Focus Group Feedback

14 July 2017

Focus Group

Last month we delivered 15 focus groups across our London offices and at various locations for our providers. The main purpose of these focus groups was to gather feedback from Member/Learners on both YES and the Work Programme, to learn about their opinions and experiences on these programmes.These groups as a result have been very informative and the findings will be used to improve and develop service levels.

Members/Learners have spoken very highly of our delivery staff, with an emphasis on how dedicated our staff have been throughout their journey on the programme. It is also positive to note that the support which they have received in regards to CVs and interviews has been described as incredibly useful.

A big well done to our Advisers and Trainers for all of their hard work!

Learners/Members have said the following:

"It's so relaxed, you can freely talk about your issues, whether it's personal or about job searching."

"[The Adviser] is really helpful, sometimes when I come in, instead of just straight up looking for a job, he will already have a plan set out, of like, potential jobs which I might be interested in… I do like the planning ahead."

"When I speak to Charmaine and go to meetings with her, she's always there to help, I feel very confident in what she does…there's always a job out there for me and I know that she's willing to find a suitable job for me."

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