Hasnaa's Story

Hasnaa 536 x 384

Hasnaa Ouardi, a single parent from Hackney, was out of work and feeling very demotivated, with no friends or family nearby.

When she joined our Opportunity Hackney Programme - which offers Hackney residents free, exclusive support to find work, Hasnaa felt pessimistic about finding a job that fit around her responsibilities as a parent.

However, with the help of her Employment Adviser - Anish, Hasnaa has successfully secured employment that not only fits around being a parent, but that she also really enjoys:

"My Adviser was very helpful", said Hasnaa:

"I am not a confident person, but he really took his time to explain all things work related."

Hasnaa had found using the computer for her job search difficult, as well as managing all the paperwork that she was asked to complete by her new employer:

"Anish took his time and showed me a few times, as well as writing down step by step instructions on how to attach my CV to an email and send it to an employer. He also helped me to make calls and fill out forms."

Having secured employment, Hasnaa couldn't be happier:

"Anish prepared me and gave me so much encouragement - in the end, I was very confident and was so happy when they told me I had the job. This project is very helpful - I wish I knew about it sooner.

"It will help a lot more people like me looking for single parent friendly hours."

For more information about Opportunity Hackney, visit hackneyopps.org.uk or call 0208 419 8411.