Youth services

Schools, work experience and social action

Our focus on young people has grown in the last five years and we have delivered a number of youth services across the country, including IAG support in schools, youth development and social action programmes and work experience matching services.

We ran the Work Experience Programme across the UK, matching young unemployed people to voluntary work placements. An effective sourcing and matching process led to a quarter of these young people finding work immediately following their placement.

National Citizen Service

In Spring 2013 we started delivering the National Citizen Service in the East of England. In our first year of delivery, over 3,000 young people from the region took part. This was achieved through building a high performing supply chain and utilising links with schools, colleges and regional stakeholders.

Tristan banner

Tristan, NCS Graduate

Yes. I wasn't a get up and go person.

You convince yourself you'll get 'on top of things' especially with your exams surrounding you in a huge mess of revision notes and energy drinks. But if you're like me you never 'find the time' around watching Misfits or vines on Facebook.

NCS isn't all about something on your CV, it's not easy either. If you're more of a "no" person (like I was) then I can understand that you'd rather hang around at home, play games or go out. Perhaps you want to do something different this year?

I decided I'd give NCS a shot. I'm glad I did to be quite honest.

Never in my life have I experienced such a diversity of cultures, races, personalities, values and classes.

On NCS I have met some of the strongest individuals of our age that I'm sure I'll ever meet. These are young men and women from across the UK who are willing to step out of the stereotype and make a difference, learn and improve themselves as human beings.

If you feel unconfident, unhelpful, without purpose, alone, or even bored: NCS is for you.

I'm not going to tell you every single thing we did. We learned, we developed, we chose our paths. I raised good money for a cause close to my heart ( and after all the work we put in over the weeks I made a difference. It feels amazing. NCS changed me - not just my community.

For me, when I said "yes, why not" I changed my life. NCS means I can say: "Yes, I am a get up and go person."