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Our use of cookies and other information-gathering technologies

A cookie is a small text file containing information set by the server and usually intended for the internet user's convenience and/or for the website to function properly. A server is a computer that delivers websites (among several forms of information).

Cookies enhance the website experience. For instance, shopping carts would be near impossible without the use of cookies. They also remember user preferences and registration details. Although cookies can be used to collect demographic information and other marketing related information, we do not do so.

Cookies are not dangerous because it is only a text file and as such are non-executables, i.e. not computer programs. Although cookies are placed on the user's hard drive, they cannot access other files in the hard drive, ascertain email address stored on the users machine or other private information. The only information communicated to the server are those that have been disclosed by the users themselves. Some sites may contain cookies that are set by third party companies, mostly for marketing purposes. Ours do not contain any third party cookies. The only cookies we utilise are those that enhance your experience of our website.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that a website uses to collect and store basic information about a visitor. This information is used to improve the way the website works for a visitor - for example, by keeping them logged in after they have entered a username and password. Cookies cannot be used to identify a visitor personally and cannot harm your computer.

How we use cookies

The Reed in Partnership website uses cookies for two reasons:

a) To keep users logged in to any areas of the website that require a username a password so they do not have to re-input this information during their browsing session.

b) To collect analytics data that explains how visitors use our website so we can monitor and improve the service we provide.

Which cookies we use

The Reed in Partnership website uses the following cookies:

1) _utma - This is an analytics cookie. It is written the first time a visitor accesses the site and is updated with each visit so unique visitors can be measured. It expires 24 months after its last update.

2) _utmb - This is an analytics cookie. It logs the time a user first visits the site. It expires when your browser closes.

3) _utmc - This is an analytics cookie. It logs the time a user exits the site. It expires 30 minutes after its last update.

4) _utmz - This is an analytics cookie. It stores the referral used (eg from a Google search) to find the site by the visitor. The cookie is updated with each page view. It expires 6 months after its last update.

5) yourAuthCookie - This cookie keeps you logged into the login sections of our website so that you do not need to re-enter your login details more than once during your visit to the site. It expires when your browser closes.

Cookies 1), 2), 3) and 4) are third party cookies. Cookie 5) is a specific Reed in Partnership cookie.

Cookie consent

By continuing to use the Reed in Partnership website you are giving consent to these cookies being used. For information on how to delete our cookies, please click here.