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5,000+ workers in East Anglia to benefit from Midlife MOT

15 May 2023

Reed in Partnership has launched delivery of the Department for Work and Pension's Midlife MOT pilot in East Anglia.

A Midlife MOT is a free review for workers aged 45-55 that helps them take stock of their finances, skills and health, and enables them to better prepare for their retirement and build financial resilience.

It is designed to support them to make secure plans for their later life and encourage more older workers to stay in employment.

The UK populating is aging and by 2030 half of all adults in the UK will be over 50 years old. A third of the UK workforce is already this age.

Older works face challenges in balancing work and their daily lives. Many older workers left employment during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and are either choosing not to return, or have struggled to find a new opportunity.

At the same time there is also a shortfall of young people entering employment.

Because of this, retaining older workers has never been more important.

The Midlife MOT helps employers ensure they are age-friendly and providing dedicated support for older workers in their teams.

The simple assessment helps people to gain clarity and confidence about how to shape their future at work, including how long they would need to work to be financially comfortable in later life, how to better juggle their work-life, how to improve their health and wellbeing and how to improve their skills and abilities.

Minister for Employment, Guy Opperman MP said:

“We want people to make informed decisions when looking at their future, and to provide them with the support and guidance they need to do this.

“An employee focused Midlife MOT will give people in East Anglia the opportunity to really understand what their choices mean for the long-term.

“Older workers are a huge asset to the economy and this investment demonstrates how much this government values an age-diverse workforce.”

The programme will include help on boosting confidence for later life planning, signposting to helpful tools and providing employees with information and guidance on their health, enabling them to take action tailored to their circumstances.

Rhodri Thomas, Managing Director of Reed in Partnership added:

“We are really excited to be working on this new pilot with DWP. We have worked together to design an important intervention that will support workers to assess their work, wellbeing and wealth in their midlife years.

“We are looking forward to lending our expertise to the challenges and opportunities workers aged 45 years and older encounter and helping them to better prepare to achieve their goals in later life.

“The Midlife MOT will really benefit people in East Anglia and we hope that employers will engage with the opportunity to support their employees.”

Organisations in East Anglia who are interested in providing this free benefit to their midlife workers can find out more and sign up at