Helping offenders rehabilitate and resettle

Support to achieve positive change

We assist people progressing through the justice system to successfully resettle into the community.

Our aim is to help reduce reoffending by supporting people to access sustainable education, employment and training opportunities.

We do this by providing a range of holistic interventions and activities that address criminogenic needs, through a mix of direct delivery and partnership work with local specialist provision.

Our services

CFO Activity Hubs

HMPPS CFO Activity Hubs provide safe and supportive spaces for men and women on licence, or serving a community sentence, to access important services.

This includes individual advice and guidance, peer engagement and development of personal plans to move forward into education, employment or training.

The CFO Activity Hubs contribute to development of the personal skills and purpose needed to desist from offending and integrate into communities through a wide range of engaging activities and developmental support.

Reed in Partnership’s CFO Activity Hubs for offenders in London are based in Croydon and Lewisham.

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