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Social responsibility

Making a difference in our communities

For Reed in Partnership social responsibility is about living the values that are the foundation of the company - making a positive impact on people and their communities.

We play an active role in the communities where we work. Our National Citizen Service is the Government’s flagship initiative for building a more inclusive society.

We support 16-17 year-old participants to develop Social Action Projects that benefit their local communities - from restoring and cleaning public areas, to volunteering at Care Homes and fund-raising for charitable causes.

As part of our work with jobseekers, we run Jobs Fairs that bring together people and businesses from across local communities to open up access to employment.

Charitable causes

The Reed Foundation, which owns 20% of Reed in Partnership, aids charitable causes which are focused on improving the lives and wellbeing of people.

Minimising our environmental impact

Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and then efficiently manage what is unavoidable. Our Environmental Policy has three main objectives.

Increase our recycling by 10%Reduce our energy consumption by 10%Inform others of our environmental commitment

We have been an environmental champion for a long time. Reed was the first UK recruitment company to become Carbon Neutral® and Reed in Partnership holds the Green Mark accreditation.

We operate a Reduce, Re-use, Recycle policy, with recycling facilities provided in all offices, and all employees complete e-Learning modules that help improve their environmental performance and understanding.