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Helping disadvantaged people into sustainable work

We provide expert employment support

20 years’ experience of helping people to find sustainable jobs

We have helped more than 150,000 people to change their lives for the better by starting lasting employment.

We know there are many things that mean the jobs market can be difficult for some people.

They may have been out of work caring for a child or relative. They may have a health condition or disability. Or they may not have been employed for a while and don’t have the confidence or skills to look for work again.

Whatever their circumstances, we have found ways to make employment work for thousands of people.

Creating a Plan of Action

Our employment services give people the support they need to start working. Together, we help them create a plan of action that suits their personal needs and work ambitions.

  • One-to-one expert adviser guidance
  • Access to exclusive job vacancies
  • High quality skills training
  • CV help and interview preparation
  • Health and wellbeing support
  • Financial support with travel and work clothes
  • Continuing in-work support and guidance

Our services

Better Working Futures

Better Working Futures is Reed in Partnership’s name for the Work and Health Programme. The service gives people who face additional barriers to finding work the best support

Participants work with their own Employment Adviser who takes time to understand their interests, skills, ambitions, experience, health and personal circumstances.

A plan is developed using this information and access to a range of support offered, including help managing a health or disability, personal skills development and job application support.

A range of personal support is available, drawing on local community services and our range of partner organisations. In-work support is offered once employment is achieved.

Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities provides specialist employment support for jobseekers in Binley and Willenhall.

Additional support is also available to support people who are employed on earnings under £17,500 to progress their career.

Our Employment Advisers help participants to develop a plan of action and access a range of personalised support to achieve their goals.


Job Entry: Targeted Support (JETS) service supports benefit claimants who have become unemployed as recently as 12 weeks ago

Support includes specialist advice on moving into growing sectors, as well as CV writing help and interview coaching. Participants will also receive access to financial support, including travel costs, interview clothing, health assessments and training - plus the opportunity to use Reed in Partnership’s Online Career Centre.

Health and wellbeing support is also available. Our Online Health Check provides an in-depth report in participants' key health indicators, including dietary habits, sleeping patterns, financial wellbeing and personal resilience. Personalised sessions with a specialist Health Adviser are also provided.

  • North East

    JETS, DWP, EU Social Fund
  • Scotland

  • South London

    JETS, DWP, South London Partnership

Restart Scheme

The Restart Scheme helps long-term unemployed people to start working.

We provide a wide range of support options, including skills training, job application and interview preparation, financial help, online tools and health and wellbeing support.

Reed in Partnership provides the Restart Scheme in the Home Counties and North East & Humber as a prime provider. We also provide the service as a subcontractor in Derbyshire, Cornwall, West Midlands and South London.

Work Routes

Work Routes is a DWP ESF funded service that supports people looking to move into sustainable work.

The service provides jobseekers with a personal Employment Adviser who supports them with the skills, confidence and advice they need to overcome their barriers to employment.

A range of specialist is available to jobseekers using the service, including skills training, health and wellbeing advice and help finding and applying for a suitable vacancy.

Reed in Partnership provides Work Routes in Cambridge & Peterborough, Hertfordshire, Cornwall and The Marches. Specialist support is available in West London for jobseekers aged 50+ and troubled families in South London.

Working Ways

Working Ways is our name for the Intensive Personalised Employment Support service funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

The service provides one-to-one support and training to people with a disability.

Our Key Workers help people to manage work around their specific disabilities and match their skills to a job role.

We provide the service in partnership with Remploy.