Customer Service Excellence accreditation maintained

21 Apr 2023

Reed in Partnership has maintained its Customer Service Excellence accreditation following an annual review.

We are committed to providing individuals with outstanding customer service and we work hard to uphold the highest standards across our range of services. We have held Customer Service Excellence Accreditation since 2016.

Customer Service Excellence assesses the level of customer service provided by an organisation and how well the services put the customer at the centre of the support they provide. The standard assesses against five key criteria: Customer Insight, The Culture of the Organisation, Information and Access, Delivery and Timeliness, and Quality of Service. The trade mark has been developed by the Cabinet Office.

We’re proud to share that a number of key strengths were identified by the assessors, including:

  • Our understanding of current and potential customer groups
  • Our regular assessment of customer satisfaction
  • Our commitment to customer-centred services
  • Our strong working relationship with our partners
  • Our continuous development approach, learning from best practice both within and outside of the organisation
  • Our interaction with and support of the wider communities that we work in

The assessment also highlighted how clearly our company values shone through in interviews with co-members from across the organisation.

Customer Service Excellence accreditation operates to drive continuous improvement, encourage skills development, and recognise achievement and competence. You can find out more here.