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From economically “inactive” to economically valued

31 Mar 2022

There is an urgent need to support employers to fill vacancies across the UK economy.

Our new report looks at the challenges and solutions for helping more economically inactive people to start working.

"Economic inactivity” is a labour market economists’ term, not a description of what people in this category are doing. It is necessary to distinguish which people in the UK could be seen as making up the UK’s “spare” labour market capacity and therefore fuel future economic growth.

But in the real world it means people who are caring for others, supporting communities through volunteering and of course studying and training - all activities which are crucial to the economic health and wellbeing of the UK. It also includes many disabled people or those with long-term health conditions, many of whom may not be able or want to get a job, but many who would like to work.

You can read a summary of our key findings and our full report here.