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Haggerston careers fair helps students

26 Oct 2021

Young Careers provides students in the capital with innovative careers advice. Reed in Partnership delivers the service for the Greater London Authority.

The service develops lasting relationships between schools or colleges and employers. Employers commit to providing a range of careers activities that inform, inspire, and educate students about their career options and the current world of work.

Our Careers Events

Our most recent event, held at Haggerston School in Hackney, invited alumni from Middlesex, Newcastle and Sheffield University to share their academic experiences. Their presentations included advice for choosing the right university, course and writing an impactful personal statement. Having only left university in the past couple of years themselves, the guest speakers were perfectly placed to provide assistance and a fresh set of eyes for looking over their personal statement drafts.

Speed networking event with employers

The day concluded with a speed networking event for students to meet with local employers from a range of different industries and roles, including consultancy, hospitality construction and the public sector. Companies taking part included Hilton Hotels, RAF and Wates Living Space.

Each 10-minute session gave employers the opportunity to share their career and education journeys and answer students’ questions. The aim of networking event was to inspire the students and open their minds to new job roles that they may not have considered or heard of before.

It was this aspect that motivated Catrin Lewis at Reward Gateway to become a Young Careers Champion:

“I became a Young Careers Champion because I wanted to help people understand more about the world of work and see that there are more job opportunities than they might be aware of. I work in internal communications and it’s certainly an industry I didn’t even know existed when I was at school.”

Islington Virtual Work Experience

We also recently held a Virtual Work Experience with the Arts and Media School Islington, where Young Careers champions from companies such as Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Inspirational Learning Group and Warner Brothers talked to the students about Digital and Technology career opportunities available to them.

The two-day event also allowed the students to learn about creative industries. The students were able to learn from industry professionals by listening to their career talks and asking them questions about how they found working in their chosen industry. They were also given the chance to present to industry professionals, who were then able to give constructive feedback.

Become a Young Careers Champion

We are encouraging all companies in London to consider becoming a Young Careers Champion. By doing this, you can play a big role in helping local schools offer exceptional and innovative careers advice, as well as helping students to shape their future.

Tom Hadley at Hadley's Comment told us why he was getting involved:

“I like listening to the next generation. It’s about giving them information and guidance to some extent but it’s about listening to concerns, what are they excited about the world of work.”

Sign upto become a Young Careers Champion. There is no cost involved and our Engagement Managers will provide you with all the information you need to get started.