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How the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the logistics industry

1 Feb 2022

We contacted a sample of the employers we work with for their views on how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted their industry.

We know that recent labour shortages in the logistics sector have meant that warehouse staff and drivers have been more in demand than ever before. A recent report from Logistics UK has found that 13% of traders have reported severe shortages in warehouse staff and 25% also said they were struggling to employ drivers.

Staffing in the industry has been impacted by the changes to free movement under the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and the problems in recruiting young people into the sector. Companies commented that they have experienced difficulty in recruiting enough staff since the start of the -19 pandemic. They have even begun to offer monetary incentives in a bid to attract new employees in critical roles.

The Challenges Ahead

We used our employer contacts to source ideas and information for overcoming the key challenges ahead as the country and economy adjusts to life with the pandemic and beyond.

What is the reality of the staffing crisis?

Companies in the logistics industry cited the fact that there are huge labour shortages in the industry and the low level of jobseekers who are willing to work in the logistics industry. One company in particular highlighted the increased pressure from the government for businesses to ‘fund the aftermath of the pandemic.’ Companies mentioned how they are still trying to employ enough quality drivers to fulfil the demands of their clients and government.

How can the logistics industry better attract staff?

Companies we spoke to mentioned they have been contacting previous applicants from the last 6 months to check if they are still seeking employment.

Several companies mentioned other solutions that they have tried, including:

  • Increased pay and better employee packages
  • Free transport to and from work
  • Sign on bonuses
  • Referral bonuses

How can the logistics industry better retain staff?

Companies mentioned £100 sign up incentives after 3 months of joining as one of the monetary means of attracting and sustaining new employees. There is also a need to look at working conditions, employee wellbeing – including health issues associated with long-haul driving shifts – and offering learning & development initiatives.

Nicola Whelan, Head of Delivery support at Reed in Partnership, said:

“We’ve helped numerous companies recruit in the logistics industry recently, including crucial roles such as Delivery Drivers (such as multi drop and non-HGV drivers), Warehouse Operatives and Forklift drivers.”

Our Recruitment Managers work closely with the recruiting companies to ensure their needs are specifically met. If you would like help to fill your roles in the logistics industry, please complete our contact form and one of our recruitment specialists will be in touch.

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