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What's it like to be an Enterprise Adviser?

2 Jun 2021

As the start of Careers Hubs approaches for the next academic year, we asked our Enterprise Advisers on the London Enterprise Adviser Network (LEAN) about their experience of being an Enterprise Adviser.

They talked about how they provided schools and students with an insight into their career as well as inspiring young people in London to achieve their full potential.

“I’ve provided an insight into my career by recording videos and presenting live during school careers events.  I’ve shared my career journey, explained a ‘day in the life’ of me, how to get into the industry I am in, career tips & advice and answered questions on my career journey.

I feel I’ve inspired young people, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds, as I’ve shown that through hard work, passion, perseverance, and resilience; one can have a successful career and achieve potential.

I’ve provided insight that university is not the only post-secondary school option available, for example Apprenticeships are a way to start your career journey as well.”

Nazim Ali - KPMG

“As an Enterprise Adviser, I was keen to provide a snapshot of my role as an Enterprise Programme Manager within the public sector.

During the pandemic, we had to pivot our approach to work experience, so I created a number of task led virtual work experience opportunities consisting of some of the key components of my day to day activities.

I hope by creating these bite-sized practical work experience opportunities young people can much more quickly access a job.”

Deborah Millington - London Borough of Tower Hamlets

“I created a 3C framework (communication; collaboration and creativity) to map out capabilities needed for young people to be work place ready.

I also created a 10 minute video talk for the school Virtual Career day in December 2020 – which focused on the 3C framework, with personal stories of learnings and highlights from my 20 year career built in.”

Malini Mathur - Kantar UK Qualitative

“Working for BP, I set up a virtual BP careers fair where I got BP apprentices & graduates to give an insight into their careers.

I successfully ran face to face CV workshops to help students with their CVs and job applications.

Through labour market research, I have managed to provide insights on different career paths and the value of apprenticeship schemes.

I also created a wellbeing and career decision making toolkit for students adapted to different learning styles (toolkits, audio, videos and courses).

Working with a male school, I have provided key supporting materials on the topic of men’s mental health to raise awareness and help eliminate stigma.”

Parvinder Chahal

"I find the whole idea of real world experience very empowering for the next generation.

I have shared my experience as a market researcher and evaluator in a short video which then was shared with schools.

Currently I am waiting for the questions that students have raised in relation to the video. I am very excited to be able to give something that I would have appreciated so much when I was at their age but it was just not available at that time. "

Gyöngyi Incze

“I ran a series of inspirational talks for the students and hosted different career women. One of the sessions was a talk by myself on the HR function and in particular within the third sector.

The various speakers and I inspired the students by sharing a raw account of our experiences and by answering a lot of their questions during FAQ sessions.”

Carla Harrak May

"In the time I’ve been an Enterprise Adviser, I have provided guidance on technology and future of job for the students, arranged a Students to Work programme so that they can spend time with my employees to see how it looks to be in a work environment, as well as providing them with a mock interview.

This will all equip our future generation with the advanced tech skills that will create and inspire future stars.”

Gokhan Celebi

“I have had an opportunity to participate in several face to face workshops as well as online workshops when lockdown affected how we worked.

These sessions key to ensure students kept connected to their journey to workplaces and inspired to pursue their dreams.

Career teams in schools needed ideas – this event was unprecedented and truly stretched everyone’s thinking – so it was imperative to be a thinking partner to them- so we all could do our bit for the students.

I have always believed in being authentic and open about my own career journey. I have tried to share my learnings, things that have worked well and things I could have done better. This full perspective can help young people to have realistic ideas about what they can do next to choose avenues that best fit their interests and work towards starting their career journeys."

Yogesh S Gandhi

“In April 2021, I was privileged to participate in the London Enterprise Adviser Network and City & Islington College event on employability skills and interview preparation.

This event was well received by the 120+ attendees, split across the two sessions on the same day. It was great to be able to help students of different cultural experiences to boost their life chances through the training that the London Enterprise Adviser Network provided**.”**

Cllr Paul M Smith

“In my time as an Enterprise Adviser I have been able to visit my allocated school and deliver some inspiring sessions to the students around the importance of first impressions and making a positive impact.

I have also shared with them my career ups and downs and been able to highlight the power of a positive mindset, self-belief, and determination: how to handle failure as a way to greater success.

The reaction and feedback from students, directly and via their teachers, was truly uplifting and the knowledge that I may have positively impacted upon the career path of even just a few young people has made this experience one of the most rewarding things about what I do.

What a great way to tap into our own experience and help young people shape their futures!"

Kosta Christofi - Reed in Partnership

If you would like to become an Enterprise Adviser and volunteer just one hour per month to helping young people excel in their careers and futures, you can sign up on the London Enterprise Adviser Network website.

If you’d like more information, please email